This article focuses on the new code editor from Microsoft named as Visual Studio Code. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Let’s check out the features of this editor. Once Visual Studio Code is launched Microsoft have included a Welcometab much like they have in the Visual Studio IDE.

First time users to this editor can easily get to use certain features like using the side bar they might be able to use the opened folder feature and start editing their files. They have the option for searching, debugging, and using Gitout of the box.

There is an extensions tab as well to allow users to install certain useful extensions which add newer features to already feature rich Visual Studio Code. For instance, users can install extension for intelliSense (auto code hinting), they can add icons and themes for opened projects stuff like that.

Code also provides splitted views to edit more than one file at a time.

VS Code Multiple Screens - mParsec

Users can Block comment a single line or multiple lines from the menu or through shortcut commands like “Alt+Shif+A”

VS Code Edit Menu - mParsec

Users can also fold their code by using “Ctrl + Shift + [“ and unfold using “Ctrl + Shift + ]” commands

Another useful feature is to be able to customize the keyboard key bindings for certain functions and it’s all JSON based configuration.

VS Code Keyboard Shortcuts Menu - mParsec

Users can add their own code snippets that they can use to improve their productivity in certain cases during development.

VS Code User Snippets - mParsec

Visual Studio Code comes with integrated command prompt or power shell as well as the output and console tabs. To open a command shell, we would just use Ctrl + ~ command and we are good to go.

We can also use the add or kill terminal links to add new command shells or remove existing ones just as easily.

VS Code Terminal - mParsec

To quickly switch between files which are open for a certain project we would use Ctrl + P command it’s more like the Ctrl + Tab command for users who are used to switching in IDE’s.

VS Code Searchbar - mParsec

To quickly run a specific editor command, we could use Ctrl + Shift + P and this will allow us to run that editor function.

VS Code Install Extension - mParsec

To navigate between the last visited file just we could just use “Alt + Left Arrow” or “Alt + Right Arrow” commands. For freeing up space in current perspective we can hide the status bar, side bar and menus as well. Each of these functions can be found in the view menu.

The feature which I liked the most about Visual Studio Code is its playground option. A new tab will be opened in the editor where one could play with certain features of the editor Code Emmet is a nice feature which I found out about in the playground tab.

VS Code Code Emmet - mParsec

Code Emmet allows to generate code just by entering a small portion of code and generating the whole block of code accordingly. This works for html, CSS, C#, JavaScript and so forth.

As with other Microsoft products the help and documentation is good and can be found from the help menu in form of introductory videos and documentation.

VS Code Introductory Videos - mParsec

This concludes the feature based tour of Visual Studio Code editor. I’ll be blogging about many new tools and frameworks so please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for improvement and what to cover next.

To download and install this Application please follow steps given bellow.

  1. To download this editor, follow this link below:
    http://code.visualstudio.comVS Code Website - mParsec
  2. Once this site opens click the download for Windows
    Note: This code editor has excellent cross platform support so you might be able to install it just as easily on a Mac and Linux OS.There is however one more way of installing on windows, using the command line utility ChocolateyChocolatey is a CLI software package installer much like one would have a brew on a Mac and apt-get or yum on a Linux OS (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint etc.).To use Chocolatey based CLI installer visit below link and install Chocolatey first on Windows as Windows does not come preinstalled with this CLI tool (apt-get or brew are native or primary installers for installing software packages on Mac or Linux). Chocolatey - mParsec

    There is even a GUI based Chocolatey version for Windows users of course this can be installed from link below:

    Chocolatey Command - mParsec

  3. Once Code Editor installed, run bellow command to install VisualStudioCode“choco install visualstudiocode”Note:  You can easily install any software package available on Chocolatey by running CLI command:“choco install ”
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