Our Projects


mParsec has developed an invoice management & online bill payment system for a startup fully backed by an industry-leading card payment firm. The app allows businesses to issue invoices, bills, fees, and other utilities.

My Dost

This is a customer billing and payment reconciliation and decision support system built on top of Azure Power Automate and Azure Cloud. It includes English and Spanish OCR forinvoices and receipts and importing of banking feeds along with imports from an online portal for sales invoices and data.


mParsec has developed a telemedicine mobile app for doctors and medical practitioners to consult with patients from all over the globe. Patients from countries like Turkey and Pakistan now have access to their consultants in the US. The application includes doctor selection, bookings, video consultations, notifications, and payments.

Trust Vibes

mPARSEC has successfully deployed Trust vibes, it comprises of two sections namely: NFT Marketplace & Trust Lounge

Lincoln Method

Lincoln Method has all kind of interesting courses for several types of learners. This includes students who are in kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12. It also includes learners in a corporate environment for a full list of courses and descriptions


Merxcoin exchange has been designed in such a way that it will be easy to maintain and add new cryptocurrencies

Ten Up

mParsec has successfully developed and deployed components of Ten Up ecosystem on AWS cloud which provided level of security, reliability and privacy.


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